The Divorce by: Me.

When my parents divorced, I felt as if my dad didn't like us anymore and that he just didn't want to have anything to do with us. The divorce was extremely painful!

I felt like I couldn't express my feelings to either of my parents or even talk to them about how I felt about the changes.

I live with my mom and I never go to my dads. I rarely go to his house on weekends or anything.

My dad was always the kind of dad who would pick favorites between us kids. That really hurt my and my sister's feelings. He made us feel like we were nothing to him at times. Even my friends could tell. But I honestly don't think he noticed that he picked favorites.

I would cry a lot when we were going through the divorce. I just wanted my family as a whole but nothing ever worked out. The good thing is that the divorce made me an my family a lot stronger.

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