by Teri
(Parker CO)

I agree that most parents should try to work out their relationship if they have children.

Child rearing is all about self-sacrifice and selflessness.

Too may times parents lack the parenting they needed themselves and are not prepared to raise children and this leads to a divorce.

This is because the Parents are still immature and are still trying to get parenting for themselves.

On the other hand, your Assessment does not even take into account mental emotional or physical abuse, wich is real and happens too often.

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Oct 17, 2017
You are right about abuse
by: Emmily

Dear Teri,

Thank you for doing the assessment and to comment on it.

You have a very good point. Abuse is not included in the self assessment.

It is somewhere on my to do list to improve the self assessment. I will take your proposal into account.

I though about including abuse in the assessment when we created it. We have left it out, because we think our visitors are mostly divorced parents who want to learn how to do all the best for their children during and after their divorce. Usually, those are not the adults that abuse their children.

Of course, if the other parent is abusing the children one way or the other, they should not let it happen and instead do all they can to avoid it.

There is also a case to be made for parents that abuse their children, but do not realize that.

Including one or two questions about abuse might be a good wake-up call for them.

Please let me know if you think abuse should be highlighted more throughout our web site.

Thanks again and good luck,


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