My SBI! Review and Why I had to write it

I owe this SBI! Review to the Site Build It! company.


Because in 2016 and 2017, many negative fake reviews have been published online.

These fake SBI! reviews damage the reputation of SBI!, while SBI does not deserve that at all. The SBI! Team has delivered a very reliable tool kit and guidance to develop content driven web sites that stand the test of time.

Like this site.

Even more important: these fake reviews have the intention to move people that are looking for a service to build an online content driven business to a “competitor” that does not come close to delivering the results that you get with SBI!

These fake SBI! reviews take away the possibilities of the person that reads them to build a long term successful moneymaking online business.

In this SBI! Review I explain how I found about Site Build It! in 2010, why I chose to use it, the pro’s and the con’s, I compare SBI! In this review with other site builders and resources and I explain why I keep on using SBI!.

How I found about Site Build It! In 2010

In May 2015, I started my online venture. The first step was following a training in the Netherlands given by Nisandeh Neta of Open Circles, called "Passive Income Online".

In this training, Nisandeh took us through every step to take to build a successful business online. His training was based on how he had created more than 10 content based web sites within 18 months that all made important sums of money (I do not remember the exact amounts). Only these web sites had made him financially independent.

Why I chose to use SBI!

The training almost exactly followed the steps recommended by SBI!, except from one aspect: his web sites were all "passive". This means: create a content driven website and after that, maintain them as little as possible and avoid interacting with visitors, as this takes time. Nisandeh recommended to use SBI! for creating our online businesses.

He had tried several alternatives, but to no avail. With other solutions, he even did not come close to the results he made with SBI!. His training was in fact a real life review of SBI!.

It was clear to me that SBI! Was the way to go. And it still is.

The Con’s

  • Technologically, the site builder is not the most advanced on the market. But you can switch to SBI! with Wordpress and pay a lot less.
  • No shopping cart functionality is provided. But this is not essential for this type of site
  • I use Aweber instead of the SBI! Autoresponder, because of some limitations. It works flawlessly together, but it adds a little to the costs
  • The price of $300 per year for 1 site. However, you can use SBI! For Wordpress as an alternative, which makes it much cheaper.
  • The texts in the guides are sometimes very long, even too long, consuming too much time to get to the action points.

The Pro’s

  • The web site running on SBI! has a high and constantly increasing number of quality visitors
  • SBI! takes away the guess work. Using the key word analysis tool, we knew exactly how much quality traffic we would get when we built our site.
  • In fact, we only have to add valuable content. SBI takes care of the rest. It works, over and over again
  • You do not have to bother about hosting, domain name renewals, backups, revising and updating the site map to the search engines every time you make a change to your site
  • It is fast
  • It is secure
  • It is reliable. I have not experienced any downtime of my SBI site during all these years
  • No technical knowledge is required at all
  • SEO analysis is fully supported and very strong. During the creation of a page or during uploading your own HTML page, all Excellent key word analysis tool
  • Very good step-by-step business / content based web site creation guidelines
  • A very active, professional and above all helpful user community. Both for beginners and advanced online business owners
  • SBI! Kept up with new things like responsive designs (mobile version of your site) and with the introduction of Facebook tags and now with moving from http to https. They actively help us to implement all these changes. Most of the time by providing a fully automated process. Moving to https (secure web site) was a piece of cake.
  • The possibility to bypass the site builder and upload your own HTML code. I personally do this because it provides the most flexibility and mass changes are much faster to implement
  • Furthermore, this way I am not locked in
  • The content 2.0 feature enables visitors to add content to your site. Other visitors can add comments
  • Steady traffic increase over the years. Even during the years I did not touch the site at all. Even through all the changes in the search engine algorithms that have been made over the years
  • SBI! Provides tons of information and examples about monitization. Although monetization is not the main objective, it pays for the running costs of this site. The forums are precious places to find and to discuss idea’s with other SBI’ers
  • SBI! undertakes, publishes and discusses very extended studies on many aspects of internet marketing and SEO. These reports include step-by-step action plans on how to improve your site
  • Other Site Builders and Resouces in my SBI! Review

    There are many good site builders out there.

    But almost none of them are dedicated to creating a content driven online business.

    Wordpress SBI! Review

    With Wordpress, you need to have technical knowledge or you need to find someone to help you on this.

    You need to host your Wordpress site somewhere. New WP versions and new versions of plugins often disturb the functioning of your web site.

    As WP is very popular, it is very vulnerable to hacking. WP has some excellent SEO plugins. Mass updating pages in Wordpress is cumbersome, because you have to edit every page individually.

    RVSitebuilder SBI! Review

    RVSitebuilder allows for creating a web site without any technical knowledge. It is popular and cheap, as many hosting providers offer it for free in their packages.

    But you cannot use it with an autoresponder like Aweber or Mailchimp. RVSitebuilder does have limited SEO support. Mass updating pages is cumbersome, because you have to edit every page individually.

    WIX / Weebly SBI! Review

    WIX / Weebly are good site building platforms.

    They have excellent drag and drop and WYSIWYG functionality. I did not find a way to float text around images, though.

    They lack the possibility to insert reusable blocks on multiple pages that can be mass updated.

    They have better SEO than RVSitebuilder, but not as good as SBI!.

    Hosting and backup is included, but you might be locked-in. It will be difficult to move your site to another provider. However, as in this Review, SBI! Provides complete guidance on how to build your online business. The above mentioned site builders allow you to create one or more web sites. They do not help you on creating your business.

    Why I keep using SBI!

    With SBI! I can fully focus on the content. I do not loose time with technology.

    Excellent price for the service. With WP for example, I have lost a lot of time on technical problems. That did cost me a lot of money because I was not able to create valuable content or work on monetization instead.

    SBI! Moves ahead with all new search engine algorithm changes and requirements and with all new functions and features that are introduced on the web every month and every year (for example: mobile, https). They have never let me down and I fully trust the SBI! Team that they will continue to do so into the distant future. I am very happy with the traffic and with the results I get from my content driven web sites with SBI!

    Finally, I hope that my SBI! Review helps you to make a well-considered choice.

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