Parenting Teens

Parenting teens can be challenging, as many parents can confirm. Teens often think they are as adult as their parents. There body matures quickly and the hormones are starting to do their work. The very child in it is slowly disappearing.

From the age of 13, many children start to behave more independent. They leave their childhood behind them. They become verbally and physically stronger and they start challenging adults and their parents. Many of them think they are wiser than their parents. This is normal behavior, but sometimes they exaggerate. Life for themselves, for you as a parent and for the whole family can become much more difficult.

Parenting classes for parenting teens are at the rescue.

If you are a single parent or a divorced parent living alone, you are on your own most of the time. It is wise to team up with your ex to successfully parent your teen. By co-parenting teens instead of making life difficult for each other you and your teen will benefit.

Taking care of the body

For both the physical and mental health and development of your child, taking care of the body is essential. Here are a few tips:

Tip 1: Sleep

Enough sleep is important. With too little sleep children have problems concentrating at school and they will learn much slower. Less sleep results in higher irritation levels too which is bad for a healthy social and emotional development.

Tip 2: Food

Children are fond of hamburgers and sweet stuff. However, everyone knows that fast food and sugar is damaging for your health, especially for children. Learn them to eat 3 healthy meals a day and to avoid the bad stuff.

If you start learning your children at a young age about good and bad food, the parenting teens will be easier. Teens want to make their own choices.

The parenting teens trick have them make healthy choices is to give them choices but between healthy alternatives only. Eating healthy food must be a habit.

Tip 3: Physical exercise

Doing physical exercise must become a habit too. Parenting teens means to motivate and stimulate your children to be physically active. Key in motivating your children is to let them do something they really like. In the form of a game, they might not even realize that they are exercising.

Team sports are really good. It combines exercise with social interaction, social learning and team work.

Help them to become more independent


Slowly your child wants and needs to have more responsibilities to grow more independent. Let them take over tasks from you that imply responsibility. This can be cleaning the dishes after dinner or taking care of a younger sister or brother when you go out for dinner.


You give your teenager a certain amount of freedom to do his family tasks the way he thinks is the best. When thing go wrong, they have to face the natural consequences. This way they learn from their mistakes. Give them the opportunity to do better next time.


Teens try to find the limits by stretching them and even by crossing them. If you are not clear about these limits, you can be sure that they will set them aside. It is important for them to realize that they are part of the family and that there are a few rules and principle everyone has to respect, including them.

My Out-of-Control TeenMy Out Of Control Teen Intervention and Prevention for the Most Destructive Teens by Mark Hutton