The 5 Do's of a Successful Parenting Plan Meeting

The purpose of the parenting plan meeting is to evaluate and review the current plan. Does it work? Is it practical? Does it bring the desired objectives? Are there any problem area's? Are the children happy with it? What is the ideal frequency of a parenting meeting?

The Parenting Plan Meeting Notes

A successful parenting plan evaluation meeting reduces the negative effects of divorce on children. If the parents have made a real effort to communicate well, the results are much more positive. Meeting your ex-partner regulary to discuss the children is one thing that will help improve the positive communication.

The 5 parenting plan meeting Do's are:

1. Use a business-like tone

See your relationship with your ex-partner as a business partnership. You share a common goal: raising your children in the best way. It may not be your favorite partnership, but your business success depends on it. Make it the best business ever conducted.

2. Organise a weekly meeting

Consistency is the key. Meet weekly. The message to your children will be clear, you are an united front on this topic. Meeting your ex so often may be difficult in the beginning, but keep your focus on the goal -the children- and it will get easier over time.

3. Use the phone and email

Use every media available to you and do not meet in person all the time. As long as you are committed, the medium most productive to you is the best to use.

4. Use an agenda

Certain topics - such as schedules, school progress, and behavioral concerns – will come bac every meeting. Simplify your life and use a printed agenda. A standard form including all the regular topics completed before the meeting will ease both your lives. This will free up time to discuss other issues that matter as well.

5. The children are the only topic

The are maybe other topics that need to be discussed or that worry you. This meeting however is with just one goal: the raising of the children. Focus on that topic alone. There can be other meetings for the other issues. Set a time-limit for this meeting and the other meetings and close one meeting before you start another one.

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A free template for an agenda for a parenting meeting will be provided here soon

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