Parent Divorce Story Of Maegan

by Maegan
(South Carolina )

I met my ex husband before I signed up for the Marines, He was charming in more ways than one!

We ended up getting married after a short time together, as he said: "Anything can happen and I dont want to lose you."

It was believable considering that, at the time, it seemed like he loved me. Well we got married and soon after I got deployed for the first time. It wasn't until I was in country for a few months when I started getting strange feelings about him.

We hardly talked since the deployment, but that wasnt unusual considering where I was stationed but when the phone calls did come the kept getting shorter and shorter.

I, of course, didn't want to see it for what it really was, and just kept playing it off as "He doesnt want to worry me", or "Hes just trying to make my time in country as good as possible".

Sadly that wasn't the case. I was in country for almost a year when I got the call. I stayed in the barracks that day to clear my mind of the day before and I got told I had a call pending.

I took the call to hear someone crying on the other end.... It was my mother. She told me that my THEN husband left our daughter at her house with the promise that he would come get her the following day he just needed time to "talk to me in private".

Of course he never called me which made me worry even worse. I called him every chance i got to see if he was coming home or to see if what might have happened.

Weeks went by without me or my family hearing a word out of him, even after leaving him long messages and voicemails, he would never call anyone back. But one day I finally got in touch with his mother and thats when I learnt just how twisted he really was. He told his mother, his sister, his father, and three brothers that I had DIED and that my mom had taken our daughter from him.

His mom even went on to tell me that he was even talking to another woman who, ironically, had a daughter of her own around the same age. That is when I realized that the man i married, was never there for me or our baby, he was there for the attention of being a soldiers husband.

To this day i cant understand why he did the things he did and I honestly dont want to know.

Since the divorce and since the outting of me still being alive, he hasnt called, texted, or emailed me asking about his daughter. And to me thats the way it should be. My daughter has no idea that her "father" left her.... she believes hes helping our country become stronger....

I couldn't bring myself to tell her the truth.

It just goes to show not all men are what they say they are and they will do anything in their power to make themselves happy regardless of how anyone else feels.

So ladies or anyone reading this for that matter (since women are just as cruel) watch who you fall in love with. Things arent always the way they seem.

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Apr 19, 2016
How sad to discover your ex abandoned you and your daughter
by: Emmily

Dear Meagan,

It must have been a very difficult period for you. I do hope you've left it behind you as much as possible.

Does you daughter live with you these days or are you still stationed somewhere else in the country for the army?

You're right to be careful when choosing a partner, especially if you are having children. However, it seems to be difficult, as some people tend to change their behaviour completely after being some time in a relationship. And that is difficult to predict.

But "opting out" of your marriage and of the relationship with your daughter like your ex did seems very strange to me. Without any emotion or compassion. Not human.

I hope your friends and family give you and your daughter the support, friendship and warmth you both deserve.

Keep going strong.


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