Parent child relationship

It is important to take good care of the parent child relationship. The following section explains why and gives you tips about what you can do to optimize the relationship.

Problems between parents

Problems between parent and child may result from problems between parents. The relationship problem may develop if parents send messages to each other through their children. Problems also arise when a parent talks negatively about the other parent. Children may feel guilty and unsure of their parents' love when they're caught in the middle.

They may even report that things are fine with the other parent, even if they're not, or the children may say things to make one of the parents feel bad. The relationship will not improve if you put your children in the middle. If you want to know something about your ex-spouse, ask the other person yourself.

Alignment of rules for the children between parents

For parents it is not always easy to agree on how to discipline their children. The result may be that the parents have different rules and that the children do not respect either set of limits, or use the differences to gain power over the parents.

It's important to have clear rules and boundaries in your household. Try not to feel guilty if your rules are different than those of your ex-partner. If you are comfortable with the rules you have set, stick with them but explain to the children why they are different.

When you can't agree on certain issues with your ex-partner, restate common goals &ldquot;we both want to find a solution to this problem. We're both concerned. We share the same goal.&rdquot;

Reviewing shared parenting

A good time to review the shared parenting form is when children start new phases in life or school. Continue to ork on your co-parenting relationship and if you need help, feel free to seek whatever help you need to co-parent more effectively.

Even going back to court or mediation may be the solution. Do not see asking help as defeat, but as a growing process.

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