My fault?-Mira

by Mira

Well, my parents got divorced when I was about 2yr old. I have 2 sisters. After my eldest sister died when I was a baby,with my sis that was born with only one kidney. So she always got sick and then my dad became handicapped after an accident, he couldn't walk straight anymore. Then maybe my mom had enough, so they gave up.

I lived for almost 2yr with my aunt family and my first memory is when my aunt yelled at me because I mistaken call her mom. I knew that time my life was different..after that day my aunt send me back to my dad and my sister. My mom didn’t take any of us because. I don’t know.

My mom and dad both got married and have their own life after divorced.

My dad was so kind and warm but he really didn’t know how to connect with me. So did I. I am more close to my sister because she was my babysitter, my friend. My stepmom annoyed me.

Here's the thing, I’m felling like hanging.
It hurts to see your dad here your mom there with their new family. And their children’s feeling like me and my sister didn’t exist because their children got a mom and a dad and we did not. And as I grew up my family relatives put the blame on me. They said that I have bad luck.

My family shattered right after I was born. I know it wasn’t my fault. Things happen, right? But I am still feeling guilty.
Furthermore my relatives always snap at me, fooling me. It broke my self esteem.

Well, if you're not pretty like the other sibling you'll get it. My physical appearence is crap. The thing that hurts me the most is when I did build courage to be confident and live my life, they didn’t support me like family use to.

They (my grandpa’s family) were putting down my pride and my past. For them that was just a joke. But now I've got anxiety attacks whenever I go to familiar places. My phobia is the people that recognize me. I just act cold each time so they won’t bother me.

My past totaly ruined my future. I am 18 and just lay back at home after dropped from high school because I am too nervous to go.

P.S: my wish when I was 9 was getting my family back even though they're married other person. Well I am a foolish kid. Sadly my dad passed away 7 years ago. This stranger feeling keeps hunting me (like I am a stranger when talking to him), its awkward but I love you so much dad.

My sister and I ran from home after my dad died. We live with my grandpa and his children. We couldn’t fit with my stepmom. My sister ran away from my grandpa’s house. She can’t stand their insults any more. I can do nothing because I am still a kid.

Every day I got this thing where I am afraid that my past will come back, like it was just a dream that hasn’t happen yet.

Its actually a long story, but too long to write..

I hope we all live a happy life.

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Oct 31, 2015
Smile.dont be sad
by: Daniel

I dont know you but it tears me apart.
How unfortunate your life is,i am so sorry to hear about all the bad thing that happened.

I know how it feels like when people are putting you down just because things did happen.

Advice from me,find other person.somebody that willingly to stay by your side no matter how hard it could wont be so alone at least.
Dont stop searching'll find somebody who can help you through its not you are the one who can help yourself.

I wish you all the best Mira. Screw the bad luck because there is no luck(maybe a slight)
Just courage!

Oct 31, 2015
stay strong
by: Kayler

Thank you for sharing..we appreciate it..
You made me cry :(and angry(your grandfamily)

Things will get better dear..
I hope you're living well now..
with love from me.
And dont forget to be confident.
You are who you are not one can deny that.

Feb 25, 2015
Focus on the people that support you
by: Emmily

Dear Mira,

I admire your courage to share your story with us.

How unfortunate that your father was handicapped after his accident and that he died 7 years ago. You and your sister have gone through a difficult period.

It must be difficult to continue living with your grandfathers family, the way you describe it. What I have learned in life is that there are always people that try to take you down or to let you feel that you are worthless.

I ignore them as much as possible. I focus my time and energy on people that support me, that help to build my self esteem. The negative and quite often manipulative things the unsupportive people say about me and to me, usually tells more about themselves.

If you are kind, supportive, positive and optimistic the world will reflect on you in exactly the same way.

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