Lying Mother

by Alivia Oppman

My mother cheated on my father, for months she has been accusing my father of cheating on her but the truth is she was cheating on him.

It's very confusing, and I just found out so I'm scared and confused.

I just don't understand why she would ruin our relationship with our family. I'm trying not to pick sides because I love them both but it's hard you know.

I have mixed feelings and to be honest I don't know what my feelings are. I don't want things to change, and the stuff we used to do together all go away.

I'm scared about the future and what's to come, with finances or limited options. I don't know why I'm writing this I just need to let it all out I guess.

I'm just praying everything is gonna be alright, and overall I hope it was worth it for my mom.

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Mar 24, 2016

by: Emmily

Dear Alivia,

How sad for you to learn your mother is cheating.

It is brave of you to not judge her. I can imagine that is difficult, but it is a good thing to do.

I hope for you and for your family that your mother will come back and that your family will be together and happy again.

Maybe, if we all forgive, things will change for the better.

Don't be afraid about your future options, they won't change. Create your own opportunities, take them and go for it. There is always a reason why you can't, isn't it?

For me and for many other visitors, it helps to tell my story if something affects me heavily. It is natural, it is a good thing to do and I often find out that telling my story changes my perspective of how I see things, it helps me to understand my emotions. I start thinking about how I can improve my situation instead of keeping on suffering and I start taking action.

I am sure that there are many visitors on our site that will read your story and learn something from it.

I wish you courage, strength and all the best for now and for your future.

Best regards,

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