Life is unfair

by Laith

Its been 4 years since my parents got divorced and since then my life turned to hell.

About 6 or 7 years ago problems started I was about 10 years old; a kid who knew nothing about life. As problems continued my mom asked me to go and talk to dad at this very young age. I tried so hard to convince him about coming back home but he said yes to me and then left again.

I lived in that nightmare for 3 years until they divorced. I used to think that my mother was the problem. She was the on who started the problems.

However after a couple of months I knew the truth: he cheated on my mom with his secretary. After that he told us about his upcoming wedding and that we should go for it. He forced me and my brother to go to the wedding which was the longest night of my horrible life.

Now I am living with him, my brother and his wife while my mother and sister live at my grandpas house.

And my father doesn't give a shit about my little sister. He doesnt give her money or anything.
Thats all what I could write about this long misrable journey.

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Dec 24, 2015
Thank you too
by: Emmily

Dear Laith,

And keep up your positive spirit for 2016 and beyond.

Merry Christmas.


Dec 22, 2015
Emilly you made my day
by: Laith

First thank you for this comment full of love and support
About my relationship with my brother its very good and about how much i see my mom and sister its about once in a week at school and in the summer vacation we may stay with her for about a month
Thank you so much for your words you made my day,

Nov 15, 2015
Focus on the good things to come
by: Emmily

Hi Laith,
Thanks for your story. You must be very sad indeed.

How is your relationship with your brother? Do you see your mother and sister every now and then?

Don't let anyone make your life miserable. Feelings and emotions are real, but they are in our mind. (Emotional) pain is real, but pain goes away. Suffering is different. Suffering is a choice. If we keep feelng sorrow for ourselves, that feeling or state will continue to dominate our mood and our life. We can also choose not to suffer. Get over your negative feelings by being honest about your situation. Mst of the time I accept people just the way they are. If someone is very unfriendly to me, I do not become unfriendly. Instead I stay myself: I do not let someone spoil my positive mood easily. I just keep a healthy mental distance.

See what you can change for the better, given your circumstances.

The older you grow, the more you can go your own way and make your own decisions, independent of other people. Have a positive mindset and enjoy the little beautiful things in your life.

I am sure things will improve for you. Focus on your education and build a few friendships for life. Those are valuable assets for the short and the long term.

I wish you all the best.
Best regards, Emmily

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