Joint Custody: How To Make It Work

To make joint custody work, both parents should take responsibility and place the interests of the children above their own.

Custody of Children

Custody refers to the parent who is entitled to make the decision of a child's live. The principles of custody of children, what options there are and which custody option is the best for a specific situation has been explained in custody of children.

Child Custody Strategies

Read these 1200+ pages about Child Custody. You will certainly find a strategy that suits your situation and requirements. Different versions for women and men: Click Here!

Choose the Best Option for Divorce Child Custody

Single parenting, co-parenting or shared custody and parallel parenting are all possible forms of custody. Each option has is advantages and disadvantages. Find out which option fits the best to the situation of your children in Divorce child custody.

Sharing Custody

If the parents decide to share custody, consistency, geniality, and teamwork appear to be essential. Parenting and sharing custody is full of decisions you need to make. What are important issues, how to deal with them in when sharing custody and what if you disagree can be found at sharing custody.

Communication With The Co-parent

Even though it may seem impossible, peaceful, consistent, and purposeful communication with your co-parent is key to the success of co-parenting. It is all about mindset. The communication has a top priority: your children's well being. Before you contact the co-parent, imagine the impact of the discussion on the well being of the children.

Decide how you will conduct yourself with class. Make your children the focal point. Succesful shared custody implies conflict-free communication. See Joint custody communication.

Shared Custody Tips

There are many tips on shared custody: set your hurt and anger aside in the interest of your children, maintain good communication with your ex partner, parent as a team and make the transition from the one household to the other as easy as possible. Those joint custody tips are explained behind the link.


The custody and visitation schedule is at the heart of the custody arrangement and no effort is too small to make this schedule the best one possible for your children.

Conflict reduction between the parents and helping the children to adjust to the new situation are just two of the advantages. The custody of children visitation schedule will provide a sucure feeling for the whole family in this new situation.

Child Custody after Divorce Schedule

A daily routine and discipline are important for the well being of your children of divorce. These examples of child custody after divorce can provide you with a basis for the development or evaluation of your own schedule for child custody after divorce. For each age group, options are provided for the type of divorce you have to deal with.

Divorce Child Custody

Divorce child custody is a reference to who of the parents has the legal decision power in the life of the children. Being parents in a seperation process, this may well be the main concern. Choose the best option for your children. Read more about Divorce Child Custody.

Tips for Building a Child Custody Plan

A solid custody plan takes the stress out of the relationship between the parents and the children. A child custody plan or parenting plan must be approved by the court and is legally binding.


Nolo's Essential Guide to Child Custody & Support Nolo's Essential Guide to Child Custody & Support
provides you with much more details, insights and tips.

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