Divorced parents by Lucian

by lucian Prieto Sanchez

When I was 6 years old my parents got divorced in new york, they started with screaming and then they started crying. Thank goodness it only lasted a week or so, after my dad moved out my mom did to.

My father stayed in the neighborhood unlike my mom witch went down town, after a couple of months my father got a girlfriend that is still with him. I usually stayed with my mom in a latin school but I saw my dad in the weekends. After a year my mom went to Germany and me with her, at the time my dad thought it was illegal and my parents started fighting with lawyers.

And again I was put in a school but this one was a private school called Berlin Metropolitan school. Now I only see my father in the holidays when I go to new york, I am now 11 it was just my birth day on the 19th of nov. My mom has a boyfriend just that I don't always like him because he isn't a really kid friendly person. Anyway thank you for reading bye.

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Jan 07, 2015
Germany is nice
by: Emmily

Dear Lucian,

How sad to read that your parents divorced some years ago.

I suppose you are fluent in German right now and that you have a lot of friends in Berlin and around.

Thank you for sharing your story. Other visitors like you will find strenght in learning that they are not the only ones having to cope with divorced parents.

Although you are sad that you do not see your father very often, it must be great for you to know 2 different worlds (Germany and New York) on your young age.

Keep up the spirit and enjoy every day of your life.

Kind regards, Emmily

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