Divorce Support Group

A divorce support group can help you creating the best situation for your children during and after a divorce. The support group helps you to focus on the interests of your children on the short term and on the long term. These groups exist both on-line and off-line.

The support groups helps you to deal with your emotions and to control them. The group helps you to set your goals: the benefits for the children. You will focus on the outcome, the interests and not on your emotions and on what irritates you about your ex and the situation.

The first meetings with your support group can be emotional. Like most participants, your emotions will include one or more: anger, bitterness, anxiousness, happiness, sadness, embarrassment.

The members of the support group share their stories and tears with each other. Their cultural background, level of education and gender may vary, but their anxiety and unhappiness are equal.

When you start, all the group members are stangers to you. Stepping into an existing group of which the group members know each other already can be difficult. You may prefer to participate in a group that starts from scratch.

Some do like groups in which both genders are combined. Others only want to be in a men only group or in a women only group.

The advantage of a mixed group is that you hear divorce stories from different perspectives. That can shed new lights on the understanding of your own situation.

Some of your thoughts may be:

  • Why have I been so stupid? What made me doing this?
  • Why did my partner do this to me?
  • Why me? I don't deserve this.
  • What is happening? I do not understand.
  • I had no idea my partner was not happy with me
  • Why did we not talk earlier? What was standing in our way?

Benefits of a divorce support group:

  • You can talk about your situation and about your emotions with people with the same experience. Your emotions will not be surpressed but flow freely instead
  • You will feel understood and appreciated for sharing your emotions
  • You learn how others are dealing with their children. It will bring you new ideas and solutions to your child related problems.
  • You learn how to cope with the disappointed family members.
  • Your divorce support group will encourage to start over with new relationships
  • You will understand the financial challenges you have to face and you will learn how you can cope with them
  • You will be drilled not to sign any papers until you see your divorce laywer.
  • You will become knowledgeable about laws and rights in your state

The best moment to join a divorce support group

As soon as you start talking about splitting up.

Finding divorce support groups

  • contact a friend who has been divorced
  • Search the internet or your telephone guide for "divorce support groups, divorce counseling, divorce help, divorce support or Mental Health Services.
  • Search under government agencies and community services.
  • Ask your attorney to recommend a group.
  • Ask your church
  • Ask a social worker

In a support group you will meet that are in the same position as you are. They go through the same emotional process.

There are thousands of support groups for divorce around the U.S., in the U.K. and in many other countries. These groups provide the right setting for you to deal with your emotions and to rebuild your life again.

FAQ's about a support group for divorce

  • What can I expect from a divorce group?A friendly place with a supportive atmosphere. Listening ears, understanding and supportive team members.
  • If I choose to have some single sessions what can I expect? A support group allows you to discuss anything you want. You can come once or you can join many times. You can join a group at any time.
  • I am claiming too much and too long with my friends about the divorce. In the divorce group you have plenty of people you can talk to. They are willing to listen and they understand. This will reduce the need to talk often and long hours to your friends.
  • I am afraid I will never be able to cope with the divorce. When you divorce, you can feel very bad. The group will support you and from the stories from other group members, you will learn and understand that the negative feelings will disappear and that you will be able to rebuild your life after a while.
  • Can the support group support me regarding child custody? Again, the group will exchange experiences and knowledge. Especially about parenting. What to do with the children is often the most difficult issue to resolve in a divorce. The group will help you cope with your feelings of anxiety and with practical tips. Their stories, problems and solutions will give you valuable ideas.
  • How can I rebuild my life? The support group's main objective is to enable you to look forward. Divorce is the end of a relationship, it brings big change in your life and in the life of your children. But it means a new beginning too.
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