Divorce Law

A divorce law determines the rules of the game. If you know the rules and how they can be used in your advantage, you will have a big advantage in a divorce. Of course, the interests of the children must come first. But if you know the boundaries of what is possible and what is not, you can prepare your case for the benefit of your children.

The Law on Child Support

The essence of the law on child support is that every child has the legal right for decent upbringing and care. This right is independent of who will contribute to it.

The child support contributions can be out-of court based or it can be ordered by the family court: Divorce Child Support Laws explaines more.

Select a Divorce Attorney

It is crucial to have a divorce attorney who is representing you in a divorce court. The attorney will ensure that you don't lose everything and that everything from paperwork filing to divorce process is explained clearly to you. Click Here For Information on Affordable Family Law Legal Assistance. You'll need to know the laws of divorce in your state or country. Read more about divorce attorney.

Grounds For Divorce

First of all, there are moral or personal motives for a divorce. They can be many.

Discussing the grounds for divorce is a touchy subject. Often painful. The legal grounds for divorce might be different. Both in the US and in Canada, it is harder to get your divorce approved on fault-based grounds than on non-fault based grounds like “incompatibility”. Read more about grounds of divorce in Divorce Laws.

For more about US related grounds for divorce, see: laws on divorce in US.

For Canada related grounds for divorce see: laws on divorce in Canada.

Disabled Children and Divorce

The law in US make it easy to get divorced. No-fault grounds of divorce are relatively new in law. Women and men in the US can free themselves from destructive marriages thanks to these changes in the laws on divorce in US


The law in Canada of 1986 recognize only one ground for divorce: the breakdown of the marriage. The most used ground of divorce in Canada is that a couple has been living separated for more than a year. This appears to be the easiest way out. But you have to consider what is in the best interest of your children. Read more about laws on divorce in Canada.

Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Attorneys come in many tastes. This article on Divorce Lawyersexplains how they work and lists tips for how to select one.

Family Laywer

Family lawyers know their the way in the family courts. These lawyers can be helpful for family related legal issues, like adoption, divorce, custody, child support, estate planning and wills. Read more about Family lawyer.

Divorce lawyers Divorce With Children

In this article Lawyers: Divorce With Children the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a divorce lawyer for your divorce case when you have children are laid out. Some people hire a divorce lawyer to advise them about what to do, to prepare the divorce papers and to represent them in court. Others go the path of a "Do-It-Yourself" or they select a mediator instead. Read on.

Divorce Forms: for the U.S.A, the UK., Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

You can file for divorce by using the Divorce Forms and information presented in this article about Divorce Forms. In all four countries mentioned, you are not required to involve a divorce attorney or sollicitor. Instead, you can file for a divorce yourself and reduce the costs of the divorce. The divorce forms presented on this page are mainly official forms provided by the government.

Divorce Kits: for the U.S.A, Canada, the UK. and Australia.

Over 1.2 million people a year divorce using Divorce Kits and related services offerd on the internet. You can Do-it-Yourself divorce if you and your partner do not contest the divorce (a so called "uncontested divorce". Click here for our article about Divorce Kits.

In all four countries mentioned, you are not required to involve a divorce attorney or sollicitor. Instead, you can file for a divorce yourself and reduce the costs of the divorce. The divorce kits and services listed on this page are mainly commercial online services.

Divorce Papers

To divorce you have to file Divorce Papers. What papers are needed for a divorce in the USA? What the process is you have to follow? What if you cannot find your spouse? What if your spouse does not collaborate?. Read more.

Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce is a legal process in which parents, divorce lawyers and family professionals work together. The aim is to reach an agreement that best fits the interest of all the family members. The divorcing parents avoid the uncertain outcome of litigation in court, where they give the decision power out of hands to a judge. collaborative divorceRead on.

Fathers Rights

The principles of fathers rights are similar in most places. Except in Australia, where mothers are still favored. Biological fathers have rights and duties. Unregistered unmarried fathers need to get prove of their status to obtain father rights.

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