Divorce Forms

for the U.S.A, the UK., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

You can file for divorce by using the Divorce Forms and information presented in this article. In all four countries mentioned, you are not required to involve a divorce lawyer or a sollicitor. Instead, you can file for a divorce yourself and reduce the costs of the procedure.

However, it could be wise to hire a divorce lawyer is you are not confident to do it without. Without the involvement of a lawyer, you might miss some important topics. That can be very costly or emotionally difficult afterwards. For complex issues, you could consider to consult a divorce lawyer.

We will discuss the divorce forms for the countries:

  1. the U.S.A.
  2. Canada
  3. the United Kingdom
  4. Australia
  5. New Zealand

The U.S.A. Divorce Forms

To divorce in the U.S., you are not required to involve a divorce lawyer. You can prepare and file for divorce yourself. But, again, we recommend you to involve a divorce lawyer when your case includes complex issues.

Each state in the USA has it's own divorce laws and it's own divorce Forms. You can find the forms for your state bij clicking the link for your state in the table below.

Some states present the forms as downloadable packets, including extended instructions how to fill them in. A few states do not provide divorce Do-It-Yourself forms on their web site. For a straightforward no-fault divorce without children, in most of the states it is not very difficult to fill in the forms and to file them at the appropriate court.

However, when children are involved, it starts to be more complicated.

Most resources recommend to consult a lawyer before filing the forms at the court house. If you do not have the financial resources to pay for your lawyer, many states provide you help. Check out the web site of your state by clicking the link below.

There are many forms on the Internet available, that allow you prepare all the paperwork yourself.

DIY will save you the high costs of a lawyer.

These web sites offer downloadable forms for many purposes, also for Divorce.
Next to the forms, many of them offer information and services to guide you through the process or to get you in touch with an experienced lawyer for a reasonable fee.

US Divorce Papers offers versions for Divorce with Children and divorce without children. Their proven divorce forms can be found on the web site of USDivorcePapers.com.

You can chose the forms for your state. The service gives you also all the information you need to fill out the forms.

The divorce form kit guides you step-by-step through the process. Filing your divorce is made easy. The forms and the guides are kept up-to-date by attorneys.

Download your forms to divorce for the U.S.A. here: USDivorcePapers.com.

State Links to Forms Download
Alabama Alabama Certificate of Divorce
or Divorce Forms
Alaska Alaska Divorce with Minior Children Packet
Alaska Divorce without Minor Children Packet
Alaska Dissolution of Marriage Forms
Arizona Arizona Divorce Kit
Arkansas Arkansas Divorce Packet
California California Divorce Packet
Colorado Colorado Dissolution of Marriage Packet
Connecticut Connecticut Divorce Packet
Connecticut Dissolution Packet
Delaware Delaware Divorce Packet
Florida Florida Divorce Packet
Georgia Georgia Divorce Papers
Hawaii Hawaii Divorce Documents
Idaho Idaho Divorce Packet
Illinois Illinois Divorce Packet
Please ensure you get and file your documents from your county of residence.
Indiana Indiana Divorce Packet
Iowa Iowa Divorce Do It Yourself Information
Kansas Kansas Divorce Package
Kentucky The Admin Office of the Courts of Kentucky provides no DIY forms for divorce. You need to consult a lawyer.
Louisiana Louisiana Family Court Divorce Packet
Maine Main Divorce Court Forms
Maryland Maryland Divorce Court Forms
Massachusetts Massachusetts Divorce Packet
Michigan The Michigan Court web site does not provide Divorce forms. There are no SCAO-approved divorce forms.
Minnesota Minnesota Divorce Packet
Mississippi Mississippi Divorce Papers
Missouri Missouri Divorce DIY Forms
Montana Montana Divorce Packet
Nebraska Nebraska Supreme Court Divorce Packet
Nevada Nevada Divorce Packet
New Hampshire New Hampshire Divorce Packet
New Jersey New Jersey Divorce Court Forms
New Mexico New Mexico Divorce Packet
New York New York Divorce Family Law Forms
North Carolina North Caroline Divorce Documents (Search page)
North Dakota North Dakota Divorce Packet
Ohio Ohio (County of Clermont) Divorce Packet
Oklahoma Oklahoma Official Site Divorce Documents
Oregon Oregon Dissolution of Marriage Forms
Rhode Island Rhode Island Divorce and Family Law Forms
South Carolina South Carolina Divorce Fill-in Forms
South Dakota South Dakota Divorce Packet
Tennessee Tennessee Court Approved Divorce Packet
Texas Texas Official Divorce DIY Forms - On line and Printable
Utah Utah Divorce Packet
Vermont Vermont Divorce DIY Forms
Virginia Virginia Divorce Papers
Washington Washington Divorce Packet
West Virginia West Virginia Divorce Kit
Wisconsin Wisconsin Divorce Packet
Wyoming Wyoming Divorce Packet

Note: Based on 12 user reviews, the Divorce Forms above average a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Canada Divorce Forms

Divorce in Canada

In the table below you can find the links to the Divorce Forms of your province.

In any case, consult a lawyer for legal advice. If you and your partner  prefer to  go through mediation, you could still  consult 1 lawyer together to guide you through the legal paper work. The lawyer can take the nasty work out of your hand, he prevents you and your partner from making (expensive) mistakes and he knows the do's, the don'ts. He is able make the duration of the legal process as short as possible.

1. Before getting the forms and filling them in, read about the Canadian Divorce Law (Territoral and/or provincial), parenting options and child support;
2. Legal help: if you do not have the resources, you can apply for civil legal aid or you can contact the lawyer referral service of your province or territory;
3. Get your Canadian Pension Plan Credit splitted.

Links to Forms Download
Alberta Flag Alberta
Alberta Divorce Packet
British Columbia
Flag British Columbia
British Columbia Divorce Packet
Flag Manitoba
Manitoba Divorce Packet
New Brunswick
Flag New Brunswick
New Brunswick Divorce Packet
Newfoundland and Labrador
Flag Newfoundland and Labrador
Newfoundland and Labrador Divorce Packet
Nova Scotia
Flag Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Divorce Packet
The DIY workbook
Flag Ontario
Ontario Divorce Packet
Prince Edward Island
Flag Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island Divorce Packet
Flag Quebec
Quebec Divorce Packet
Flag Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Divorce Packet

United Kingdom Divorce Forms

In England and Wales, there is no need to involve a solicitor to divorce. You can take care of that yourself. Especially if both partners agree on the divorce and on the terms of the divorce, it will save you a lot of money and hassle.

If you cannot agree on the terms of the divorce, the next best approach is to hire a divorce mediator. If you want to know more about mediation in divorce case: Mediation.

You can download all the necessary forms for free from the governmental web site at: U.K. Divorce Forms

Additional information can be found at: Getting a Divorce

The forms are free, but there are some court charges: \A3340 (2011) to start the divorce or dissolution process. You have to pay\A345 for the decree absolute or the final order. Please note that you may qualify for a total or partial free remission. Please check the online explanatory leaflet from the court.

Next, find a family law court near your home or work. In fact, you can choose any family law court in England or in Wales. Courts in smaller towns tend to be less busy and they go through the process faster than the courts in the cities. A list can be found on the Court Service Website Court Information and Addresses section.

For ending a civil partnership, only a limited number courts are authorised.

To safeguard your finances, the cheapest and fastes way to go is to hire a solicitor make a clean break consent order. Next, complete a 2-page financial information form and send the consent order to the court. The court will charge you the fee of \A340.

If you do not feel confident enough to go through the process yourself, or if it is too stressful for you, you can of course call in the services of a solicitor. But again, it is not required to do so.

Australia Divorce Forms

In Australia you can apply for divorce yourself or you call in the services of a lawyer.

You can apply for a divorce under the following circumstances:

  • you are an Australian citizen or,
  • you consider Australia being your home and you intend to live in Australia indefinitely, or
  • live in Australia for at least 12 month before filing for the divorce

Furthermore, you need to prove that you and your spouse lived seperated during at least 12 month before filing the divorce and that is is unlikely that you both will get back together again.

If you have children under the age of 18, a court will grant a divorce only if it is satisfied with the arrangements have been made for your children.

You must file an application for divorce with the court. A fee is required.

Applications for divorce can be filed electronically. Go to the Commonwealth Courts Portal

The Do-It-Yourself divorce form and kit for Australia can be downloaded from the Family Law Courts

New Zealand Divorce Forms

The Family Court of New Zealand deals with a lot of issues regarding child care. Please remember.

Divorce is called "legally dissolving a marriage" in New Zealands legal texts. The process is slightly different from those in other countries.

New Zealand law recognizes one ground for divorce only: "Irreconcilable differences". This means, the relationship is broken down and has come to an end. Hence, divorces are "no-fault" in New Zealand.

You have to prove the irreconcilability by living separated for at least 2 years. It is not possible to shorten this period, even if you and your partner fully agree to dissolve the marriage.

To be able to prove the separation, a separation agreement or a separation order from the court is not strictly necessary, but it is recommendable. If your partner does not sign a separation agreement, you can go to the court to ask for a separation order instead.

Only one of you or both of you can file an application for dissolving your marriage. One of you or both must be domiciled in New Zealand.

You are only required to appear in court when the other party opposes the application.

Marriage dissolution Forms:

  • To make an application for the dissolution of your marriage, you need to produce the following sets of documents:
  • application forms:
    • Separation and Divorce
  • an affidavit (A written statement affirmed before someone with the legal authority to administer oaths and affirmations. For example: a Justice of the Peace, a registrar of a Court, a lawyer)
    • an information sheet
    • a certified copy of your marriage or civil union certificate
    • a copy of the separation agreement or the separation order, if you have one of these
    • arrangements for day to day care of your children, maintenance, healthcare, education, child custody, visitation (for children up to the age of 15)

    Optional forms / applications to the Court:

    • for a child arrangement court order (only if you cannot agree on this subject with your partner)
    • for a relationship property division order (within 12 month after the dissolution if you cannot resolve it with your partner)

    The web site of the New Zealand Family Court: http://www.justice.govt.nz/family

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