Divorce and children: a parent's guide to supporting your child through a divorce

The ideas and tips in this article about divorce and children help your kids emerge from the separation or divorce feeling loved, confident and strong. Most parents facing divorce feel uncertain about how to give their children the right support.

Such a transitional time can't be without some measure of hardship, but you can powerfully reduce your children's pain by making their well being your top priority.

Here some topics on divorce and children you may want to think about:

Children of divorce. Kids' guide to divorce

Do you know children of divorce? Are your parents divorced? Chances are that you can answer yes to one or both of those questions. And you are not alone!

Are you a child of divorce? Do you want to know what can support you? What can you do? Read it in children of divorce.

Separation and divorce

The difference between separation and divorce: a legal separation does not put an end to the marriage. Legal separation is an alternative to divorce for people who can't continue to live together but do not want to end their marriage. Continue reading on separation and divorce

Telling Children about Divorce

How you are telling children about divorce and what you tell them has a significant impact on your children in the short run and in the long run. Prepare yourselves thoroughly on this important divorce and children subject. Read more about telling children about divorce.

What to do after the divorce?

The trial is over, the documents are signed. What do your children after divorce do? What do you need to do after the divorce? You and your spouse have gone your separate ways. You have children. You invested enormous amounts of time, money, and energy in obtaining your divorce and arranging the custody of the children. Where do you go from here with the children after divorce? Continue reading in Children after divorce about more divorce and children related topics.


What you will have to determine is how you both will work together to maintain healthcare insurance for your children. Practicalities you need to know for your child after divorce: Child after divorce.

Emotions of divorce children

When you are going through a divorce, the divorce children are going in a similar direction. You know how you experience your divorce. Usually it is painfull, sometimes it is a relief. But what are the emotions your children go through? Divorce children

Kids and divorce

Children are not amused when their parents divorce. Kids and divorce is a sad combination. The children may feel relieved when the announcement comes, but usually they end up with mixed feelings. Read what happens to them when their world falls apart: Kids and divorce.

Children divorce parents

In very specific situations minor children divorce parents. In this divorce and children situation the children are in the lead. Some teens are living in very a poor situation with their parents. It is in their own interest to take responsibility for their own live before they are 18. Of course, this goes beyond normal issues that teens have with their parents: Children divorce.

The first child that divorced from his parent is Patrick Holland. The real life story began in October 1998. Read the whole story at Children divorce parents.

Divorce with children

When parents divorce with children the consequences for the children are many. Your divorce will affect your children. Divorce with children explains why parents must collaborate for the benefit of their children.

Divorce Without Children

The child custody is considered to be the most difficult issue for a separating couple. Adult children of divorce are more thoughtful about having children. If you divorce without children, the situation is much easier to resolve.

Glossary of terms

Glossary of terms on separation, divorce and children: Divorce-separation-children.

Children of divorced parents

Children of divorce often try to avoid that happening to their own children. Unfortunately, many times the results are opposite to their good intentions. Research findings, sources and conclusions about children of divorced parents.

Divorce and kids

Uncertainty, fear, and anger are emotions kids of divorce have to deal with. Divorce can be confusing for children. Kids have needs, especially if they go through the divorce of their parents. There are several things you have to tell to your children. Understand how they experience the divorce, what they are going through and learn how you can support them at divorce and kids.

Adult child of divorce

The relationship between his parents is of big influence on his live. Some divorced parents keep on fighting. They tell negative stories to their child of divorce about the other parent. Sometimes they do not want to see each other any more at all. This can bring an adult child of divorce in a difficult position.

Tips for Adult Children of Divorce

There are many cases in which parents use their adult children to their own advantage instead of taking care of them. Adult children and divorce can be a nasty situation. Fortunately, if you stick to some simple rules, you can stay out of it. Children of divorce must be prepared to cope with feeling abandoned. Read more about tips for adult children of divorce.

Impact of Divorce on children

The impact varies from child to child and from situation to situation. The age of the child and the gender affects the impact too. Many studies conclude that there is an impact of divorce on children.

Divorce and Children with Disabilities

Parents of a disabled child have a higher divorce rate. Disabled children suffer more from a divorce than healthy children. Married couples can take action to avoid breaking-up because of a disabled child. Read more: Divorce and Children with Disabilities

Dating after Divorce

When dating after divorce and children, the separated or divorced parents must be careful. You should keep in mind that your children are on the top of your priority list. Children often feel abandoned and are angry at their parents for a long time, if they feel that their parents think of themselves first. Divorced parents must not only tell their children that they are the most important, but they must also act accordingly. Read more about Dating after Divorce.

Divorce Affects Children

Most children are not really affected emotionally by the divorce of their parents. Children are resilient, especially when their father and mother and their support network manage the divorce situation in a positive way. Divorce affects children only in a minority of the cases.

Alabama Divorce and children

If you live in Alabama and file for a divorce and you have children, there are 2 subjects that are important for you: Child Custody and Child Support. By knowing your rights you will be better prepared when you bring your case to the court. Alabama divorce children applies to the Alabama divorce law.

Child and Divorce: what you need to know

What you need to know about your Child and Divorce: how to tell your child, stay away from the blame game, focus on the future and put your child on the top of your agenda.

10 Divorce Tips

Among the divorce tips are: save your marriage, find someone you can trust to support you, keep your children together, build a relationship with your ex and save money by doing the paperwork yourself. Read more divorce tips.

Teens and Divorce

It is clear that during the process the combination of teens and divorce causes many ups and downs. However, teens can cope successfully with their parents's divorce and the changes the divorce brings. In Teens and Divorce you will discover that there are some unexpected positive things in it for the teens.

Teens and Divorce Tips

Teens involved in a divorce can help themselves through this difficult period. Tips are: Work it out, talk about the future,figure out your strengths,live your live and accept the support of others. With these tips, teens can smooth the difficulties they face because of the divorce of their parents. Read the article Teens and Divorce Tips.

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