Divorce Advice

Ending a marriage does not have to ruin the lives of everyone involved. Good divorce advice can help make your journey shorter, easier, less stressful. It can improve the outcomes, it will boost your self esteem and it will make you sleep at night. This article lists the most important questions and issues to be addressed.

Did you really try to save your marriage?

The first divorce advice is: try to save your marriage. It is often the best option. Most divorcees did not even consider it, but are regretful afterwards. Yes, you can Save your Marriage if you really want.

We recommand you to use this book in the process:

Save The Marriage
   Save The Marriage

Staying together until the children leave home

Your parents may have done it. Your grandparents did for sure because divorce was not an option in their days. You may shift between times of unhappiness and balance in your own marriage deciding that you have to stick it out until the kids grow up.

Let the children come first.

During and after the divorce, your children should be your priority. Through your co-parenting partnership, your children can recognize that they are more important than the conflict that ended the relationship and they will understand that your love for them will prevail despite changing circumstances.

How to tell the children that you want a divorce?

The hard part is telling all the other people in your life what is going on. When it comes to children, this task can be insanely difficult and the sheer thought of breeching the subject scares many couples right back to staying unhappily married. Divorce Advice explains more in this article: Talking to Children about Divorce

How to tell your spouse that you want a divorce?

How about honesty? Rather than worrying about how to go about asking a divorce. How about just doing it! Men are probably the world's worst communicators and they either over or under think every conversation in their life. Divorce information provides you more background.

Grounds for Divorce Advice

Discussing the grounds for divorce is a touchy subject. It is painful for the couple, unfair and confusing for the children and a disappointment for society. Marriage, after all, is an institution that constitutes the moral fiber of communities. When that institution is compromised, society, not just one family, is affected. As a result, divorce laws were introduced.

Divorce Support

What are the issues address for your divorce? Divorce support explains the legal, financial and emotional aspects of a divorce advice.

Effects of divorce on children

If you are thinking about getting a divorce but are waiting until the children are older or hesitate because you are worried about the effects of divorce on your children - don't! Here's why! Effects of divorce on children.

Helping children coping with divorce

There are many does and don'ts when it comes to divorce. As parents we are responsible for helping children coping with divorce. There are a couple of things parents need to be aware of and protect their children from. Find 10 things you don't want your children to be exposed to: helping children coping with divorce.

Children asking for a divorce

Everyone has issues and conflicts with their parents. Some defiant teens in a divorcing situation have a situation where they need to have the legal authority over their own life before they turn 18. What steps can teens take to start the process? Before they hire a laywer, they have to look at the laws of your specific state. Find out: Who can be emancipated? Is a divorce possible where you live. Read more in Children Divorce.

Successful coparenting divorce advice

Research has shown that the effects of divorce on children whose parents have made a real effort to communicate well, is much less negative. Meeting your ex-partner regulary to discuss the children is one thing that will help improve the positive communication. Here is an example for a succesful parenting plan meeting structure.

Divorce Counseling for Children

Many parents seek counseling during or after a divorce. Parents realise that a divorce has a big impact on children and that they should do something about it. It appears more and more on the agenda of divorcing parents: Divorce counseling for children.

Counseling for Children of Divorce

Children are divorce&squo;s innocent victims. Counseling for Children of Divorce helps to reduce the stress and to adjust to the canges that occur after the break-up of their parents. When and why do children of divorce need counseling? Read more: Counseling for Children of Divorce"

Divorce Mediation

What about collaborating with your ex and trying to get the best out of the divorce for both of you? A mediator is specialized in supporting both of you to reach this objective. Divorce mediation is the alternative for disputing your divorce in court: Divorce Mediation

Divorce Advice for Women

A must read book for women: Divorce Secrets

Excellent advice, tips, tricks, do's and don'ts for women: The Woman's Guide to Divorce has it all!

Divorce Advice for Men

Building a new relationship with your ex-wife and maintaining your network are essential to let your children thrive after your divorce. Divorce Advice for Men explains why and uncovers more useful tips.

Advice Child Divorce

This article called Advice Child Divorce is broken down in 3 parts: pre-divorce, during the divorce and after the divorce advice. There are many more things to say, but below you can learn a few important aspects from real life stories. Much more advice can be found elsewhere on this web site.

Family Relationships and Friends - Children and Divorce

Friends and family relationships are supposed to be there for you if you need them the most. In case of a divorce, you will find out that you will not only separate from your partner, but also from some friends and family. Your in-law family will probably choose the side of your ex partner. Read more in Friends and family relationships.

Divorce and Money

Next to the children, divorce and money are the next important subject for divorcing parents. First of all you have to divide your properties and then you have to find a formula for how to support the ex spouse and the children financially. As women are usually less educated on the finances, they should prepare and inform themselves as good as possible and seek professional support when in doubt. Please read on in divorce and money.

Divorce Help for Parents

Did you seriously try to save your marriage? What resources can you access to help you and your family in the divorce process? Do you need a lawyer, a mediator or do you file for divorce yourself? Where can you find support groups to help you with practical things and with your emotions? Divorce Help for Parents explains the help you can get for your children and how you can get support from friends and family.

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