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Divorce stories of other children

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Lying Mother 
My mother cheated on my father, for months she has been accusing my father of cheating on her but the truth is she was cheating on him. It's very confusing, …

My parents's separation story. 
I am and 16 year old girl and my mom and dad separated a month ago. They have been together since they were 17 years old and my mom feels that she …

Sherry, 28, from Kane, pa

This is my story 
Well I'm 28 years old and I have 2 sisters and 1 brother and my parents are divorced. I felt sad because I love both of my parents. I prayed and I …

I am 16 years old. My parents divorced like 4 month ago. Sometimes I don't even understand why they separated? Is it because of misunderstanding? Lack …

Life is unfair 
Its been 4 years since my parents got divorced and since then my life turned to hell. About 6 or 7 years ago problems started I was about 10 years old; …

When I was 2 my parents were divorced. I'm grown up now, celebrating 13 today. Every night I'm sad. All day it's a struggle not to cry. People …

my child divorce story Corie 
My parents divorce when I was 2. All I remember was arguing and screaming. Man, it scares at this age because I would cry and run to a quiet room so …

Not Every Story Has a Happy Ending : Kristina 
My parents got divorced 9 months after I was born . My dad left me my borther and my mom alone with no money or home ,so we stayed at my aunts. After …

My mom and dad broke up when I was 6 years old and I'm now 18 yrs old. I have 3 siblings. My mom decided to end their marriage when dad started to …

Not Every Divorce Story Has to Hurt. 
My two parents divorced when I was 5. Most people I know with divorced parents hear yelling or screaming. While my parents argued, they were quiet, …

Child Divorce Story Kelly 
I am now 13 and 11 years have passed since my parents divorced. At firsts I didn't know what was going on, but as I grew up, I noticed nothing was …

Broken Household 
I am 14 years old and nine years have passed since my parents divorced. I was only a small child going into kindergarten at the time and I was clueless …

My fault?-Mira 
Well, my parents got divorced when I was about 2yr old. I have 2 sisters. After my eldest sister died when I was a baby,with my sis that was born with …

Child Divorse Story of Mekenzie 
Okay, um, hi, I'm Amanda. My parents got divorced when I was seven, and it's been really hard since then. They we're always fighting, and yelling. …

divorce story of Maria 
My parents told me they were getting a divorce 3 weeks ago. When they sat me down after school, before they could say anything I burst out "You're breaking …

Child divorce story of Lope 
Okay hi my name is Lope. I wouldn't really say my parents are divorced because it's not really legal yet . They've been separated for about 16 years …

My parents splitting up and me 
So, i'm coming up to 13 and about a year ago my parents split up :( Things hadn't been right in ages, my parents were arguing 24/7, shouting and swearing …

Child Divorce Story of Syd 
Growing up there where things I did not understand. Like why my daddy would come in and break things. Or why my daddy hurt my mom. When I was just a …

Went from love to divorce 
When I was 6 my parents got divorce and it killed me. My whole family went into depression and now my dad has a girlfriend. I like her but her kids …

Jerk dad 
My dad cheated on my mom. Then married the lady after the divorce. I hate her like my older brother. She has two kids who are brats, but because …

Child Divorce Story of Remi B. 
Hi. My name is Remi and my parents divorced when I was 2. When they divorced, they didn't really. Well, they have, or were, best friends since they …

An Almost Teenager 
I don't remember when my parents divorced exactly. I think I was about 5. I really don't know. Now I'm almost 13. And I think about it a lot. I live with …

Child Divorce Story of Autumn 
My parents divorced when I was 6 It was really hard to go through. Before the divorce all they did was scream and yell. It was hard to ignore because …

"Child Divorce Story of Miranda B." 
My parents filed for divorce when I was nine. Before the divorce my brothers and myself saw them fight almost everyday, and when I say fight I mean physically. …

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Child Divorce story of Chelsie Lyle 
Watching my Dad leave that day was painful because I thought what happened was all my fault. My parents got divorced when I was six. I always thought …

My divorced parents by Lucian 
When I was 6 years old my parents got divorced in new york, they started with screaming and then they started crying. Thank goodness it only lasted a week …

Cry Babies 
When my parents got a dicorce some of us had none jerks

The Effects Not rated yet
My parents got divorced when I was still in elementary school. At first I didn't understand what was happening... they told us what they planned to do …

Needing a Daddy in the most wanted time.. Not rated yet
Have you ever had someone or something in your life who has made a simple decision that flipped their life around so fast it was like a flame to a match? …

The Divorce by: Me. Not rated yet
When my parents divorced, I felt as if my dad didn't like us anymore and that he just didn't want to have anything to do with us. The divorce was extremely …

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