Children Learning Reading Review

For one of the best Learning to Read programs, we compiled this Children Learning Reading Review. For divorced parents, the Children Learning Reading program is an excellent solution to improve their child's reading ability. Many children of divorce are lagging behind at school. By improving your child's reading skills, you will help them to improve their performance.

Children Learning Reading to improve your child's reading skills
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The program includes 2 e-books. The writers present a very effective method for teaching children reading. In simple and logical steps, your child will be able to read quickly and comprehensively. They will learn from the books and not by sitting behind a tv screen or behind a computer.

Target audience

  • Children between 2 and 7 years of age
  • children with poor reading skills relative to their school mates

Many reviews of this program and testimonials on the internet are very positive. Enthousiastic parents tell how well and how quickly their children learned reading. Just Google on "Children Learning Reading Review" and the results show up intantly.

There is, however, a downside. On the short term, such an early reading program seems to be successful. However, there seems to be no difference with children that learned reading through the formal school system at the age of 11. As Dr. Lilian Katz, explains, children attending high-quality pre-school programs are involved in all kind of activities that contribute to their early development and learning. Parents often do not understand the potential benefits of such a program. Learning reading of children should start in a later development phase. For more details, visit the Illinois Early Learning Project.

Children Learning Reading at a young age could have negative effects as we discussed under "Criticism' on our page on the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). This article about UK Children Reading too Early from the BBC from November 2007 shares this concern.

Positive comments of the Children Learning Reading Review

  • The program delivers the excellent results as promised; your children will learn to read at a very young age
  • Your child will enjoy spending time with you when learning to read;
  • Each of the 50 lesson is short, so they are easy to fit into a busy schedule;
  • The course has been setup in such a way, that you will see the progress. That is motivating to go on;
  • Bonus books for both stages, with short compelling stories that your child can read himself or herself after each stage;
  • Children that are behind at school because of poor reading skills, will improve their performance at school quickly;
  • The method uses "phonics and phonemics" and not "whole words", which leads to much better results
  • Private email counseling during 12 weeks

Negative comments of the Children Learning Reading Review

  • It is not a self "study" program for your children, you parents have to work with them daily;
  • Each individu is different. Your child might encounter negative effects as explained earlier in this article
  • Excessively long sales page

Children Learning Reading Review Conclusion

The Children Learning Reading program delivers on its promises.

Parents should be aware of the possible negative effects on their children when they learn to read at a very young age.

Children Learning Reading to improve your child's reading skills
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By Reinier Bloem