Real Life Children Divorce Stories

Many of our visitors search for real life Children Divorce Stories. Visitors like you have contributed their Children and Divorce Stories. By writing down their story, they were able to give it a place. Visitors that read these stories can learn from it. Feel free to comment on each story.

These stories give insights in the numerous problems that parents go through during and after the divorce.

Every divorce has its own story. Every child that goes through the divorce of his parents has his own story. It is good to know that everybody involved in a divorce goes through a difficult period. Almost all experience long lasting effects. By exchanging experiences with each other, people can learn. By listening to others, people can take advantage of mistakes made by others. They can also learn from initiatives and solutions that worked for others.

In this section parents and children of divorce tell their stories. The challenges they had to face. The problems they solved. How they deal with their ex partners. How children deal with their divorced parents. How children stay in touch with the non-custodial partner.

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Childrens Divorce Stories

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Parents's Divorce Stories

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Effects of Divorce on Children Stories

Do you want to read stories from others or to share your own story? Please contribute.

Stories from divorced parents

Helen, a divorced mother, describes her experiences with raising her daughter Lisa. This joint custody story shows that focusing on the benefit of the children does have a positive outcome: Joint Custody Story.

All the other pages and sub pages in this web site are focusing on one or a few aspects of children and divorce. It is mainly a theoretical approach with tips, don'ts and do's. The difficulties for the parents and the children are examined. Multiple situations are described. Solutions are suggested.

Many research material is disclosed. The effects of divorce on children are discussed in various ways.

Feel free to contribute. You can leave your own story on this page if you want to make your contribution.

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