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How to Support your Children after your Divorce

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By signing up, you will receive each week insights, ideas, tools, tips and exercises how to create a positive mindset and a stimulating environment in which you and your children will thrive after your divorce. The program is offered to you in 12 digestable parts.

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Children and Divorce Coaching Program Contents:

Week 1 - Introducing the Complex Family

Life has changed, how to deal with your new reality

Week 2 - Focusing on the Children

Inside the minds of the children and creating the right environment

Week 3 - Ages and Stages

Understand the implications of your actions and attitudes on their lives at each stage. How to recognize a healthy development? How to focus your attention on the critical issues? The use of practical tools and techniques in the Complex Family.

Week 4 - Concerning the Children

How to practically manage the emotional and physical changes: how to tell them, daily care taking, routines, friends and family, work, school, pets, mobile phones & computers

Week 5 - Changing your approach in parenting (1)

Where do you stand as a parent and when? Before your child, aside, behind, nowhere?

Week 6 - Focusing on Yourself

Facing reality. Dealing with failure and being a good parent starts from within.

Week 7 -Changing your approach in parenting (2)

How to discipline?

Week 8 - Stepparents

How to embrace the stepparents?

Week 9 - Legal affairs

Why should you aim to keep the family out of courts?

Week 10 - Money

How to agree on dividing posessions and income? What are the perspectives of the leavee and the leaver? Start looking beyond the accepted norm of your country and focus on the children instead.

Week 11 - How to heal the pain -Principles

Put more into your life, to get more out of it. The 5 main principles withholding your personal change and that of your children will be explained.

Week 12 - How to heal the pain - Tools

Put more into your life to get more out of if. Tools that will help you and your children embracing change.

Children and Disclaimer: the information in this program does not provide any legal advice. If you are unsure about legal or other decisions to be taken, please consult a local professional on beforehand.

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