Why you should get child visitation rights for young children

Divorce with children is complicated. You should always negotiate child visitation rights. In particular when the other parent gets the child custody. But obtaining these visitation rights can be difficult.

You can use the following arguments when negotiating child visitation rights. Your case will justify frequent visitation of your young children.

1. Children between 18 and 36 month (3 years)

During this period, the child becomes less dependent of his parents. The child discovers that there is more in life than the basic needs of sleep, food, physical contact and love.

The long discovery starts. He needs to feel secure to do this. His parents are his security. At this young age, parents and the security the parents provide are forever.

To enforce this feeling of security, it is important that the parents are around very often. You should be with the child as much as possible.

2. Children between 6 and 18 month

The dependency on their parents is 100%. They are aware of that. They know immediately when you are close by or not. If you are not there often enough, the baby might get anxious and even stressed.

At this age, the non custodial parent must bond with his child. You should focus on getting attached to each other. It is very well possible to build up an emotional relationship with your baby, even when you are not living with him. You must have the possibility to visit him frequently.

3. Newly born children until 6 month

You want your little kid to know you as a parent. That is only possible if your child sees you often enough. That way, the child will know you by voice, face and by smell.

Psychologists recommend non custodial parents to visit their newly born child as often as possible for at least 2 hours continuously.

The above mentioned arguments for child visitation rights are for very young children.

For children above this age, your argumentation to get visitation rights should be different.

They depend much more on the situation. The wishes or the children themselves start to count in the decision. The well-being of the children take a central place.

Here are some arrangementsfor child visitation rights for children of the age of 3 and older that are often included in parenting plans:

  • Mother's Day with momm of course, Father's Day with daddy
  • One birthday of the child with momm, the next with daddy
  • Every second weekend visitation with the non-custodial parent
  • Every second mid-week visitation with the other parent
  • Even sharing between the parents during school vacations
  • New Year's Eve, Christmas, Easter, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and Thanksgiving: one year with momm, the next with daddy
  • Free phone and email contact by the non-custodial parent
  • Visitation days can be exchanged when both parents mutually agree, without approval of the court
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