6 tips to provide child support divorce

When a divorce hits a family, child support divorce is needed. The lifes of the children are turned upside down. Often one parent leave the home and in some cases the custodial parent is relocating taking the children from their known and safe environment. Children even can blame themselves for the divorce, this happens for instance when they overhear conversations and disagreements about the children or something particular they have done.

To lessen to some extent the negative impact of the divorce, the children should feel as secure as possible during the changes. Here are 6 does to provide your children their need for security during the divorce.

  • Keep the same routine and schedule for the children as much as possible. Children have a certain routine during the day, the time they get up, go to school, play with friends, go to bed etc. This creates a sense of order, important to the children. Try to keep this routine the same.
  • Assure access to all the children's familiar things, at both houses. To make the transition easier for the children, have them chose themselves which familiar and loved items they want to have in which of the homes.
  • Try to have an own room for the children in both parents homes. Feeling welcome and having an own space is important while traveling between the homes for visitation. Especially the non-custodial parents can show how important the children are to them by creating a special place for them. The child support divorce will increase.
  • Keep your problems to yourself. The parents are adults and should be able to take their responsibilities. It is very disconcerning for children to be confronted with adult issues and even conflicts and disagreements. Parents should find friends or professional help to deal with their problems. Do whatever is needed to keep these conflicts out of the life of your children.
  • Give the child TLC (tender love and care) and discipline. Guilt is a main reason for parents to overwhelm the children with gifts and special priviledges. But there is the sense of security in the normality of things and in the consistent rules, including punishment when inappropriate behaviour. Assure the children that they are special and will always be loved by both the parents and that the reasons for the divorce are entirely due to grown-up problems and nothing with the children. The child support divorce will improve.
  • Arrange for easy access to both parents. If the children feel lonely or need to reach out to the non-custodial parent, make sure that the children able able to reach both the parents when they feel the need to. Both parents should take the time and spend quality time with them.
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