Child Friendly Divorce Questions

The Child Friendly Divorce Questions that are used in the Self Assessment are listed below. The page serves as a reference for those who have done the Self Assessment. For each question, we will include an explanation soon, so you can understand the backgrounds of each question. Please be patient.

1. Did you try to save your marriage before you divorced?

2. Do you and your ex partner blame each other?

3. Do you keep your children away from your ex partner?

4. Do you accept your new situation?

5. Do you talk with your child(ren) one-to-one about their emotions on a regular basis?

6. Do your children do better or worse at school after the divorce?

7. Do your children see both their parents often enough?

8. What are your beliefs about divorce?

9. Are your friends and family really supportive or do they keep talking negatively about your ex and the divorce?

10. Did you explicitly tell your children the divorce was not their fault?

11. Do you revise and update the parenting plan regularly?

12. How is the relationship with your ex?

13. How do you spend your time with your children?

14. Do you stimulate your children to experiment, to interact with others and to discover?

15. Is there a structure in the day of your children?

16. Do you protect your children well?

17. What is the physical distance between their divorced parents?

18. How is the financial situation for your children?

19. What quality of the education do your children get?

The Child Friendly Divorce Questions are part of the Child Friendly Divorce Self Assessment.

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