Child Divorse Story of Mekenzie

by Amanda
(United States)

Okay, um, hi, I'm Amanda.

My parents got divorced when I was seven, and it's been really hard since then. They we're always fighting, and yelling.

I don't know the whole reason for their divorce, my mom won't tell me because she say's I'm not old enough, but I know that their divorse is the worst thing that has happened to me so far. They we're horrible to each other and I always felt like I was in the middle.

Every time I would go back and fourth between houses, it felt like an interrogation. My dad is the bad parent. He's done so many awful things, and we've been fighting recently. I haven't gone to his house for the past weekend, and I'm not going to go this weekend either.

He's been really mean and nasty. I thought he would get better after he divorced my ex-stepmother but he hasn't, not really.

He's got a girlfriend now who is also going through a divorce, and she's okay. She has three kids who I adore, and they have lots of pets which is great. My mom got married a couple years ago, and I now have two half-sisters that I love with all my heart.

My step-dad is a jerk, but whatever. I hope that I can patch things up with my dad, but I just don't know if we can right now.

Maybe in the future, but I'll have to talk to him then. Oh yeah, I'm 18 now and I'll be going to college soon. I'm a little excited and a little scared. I've never had a boyfriend, and I don't really have strong relationships with people.

I'm to afraid that I'll end up like my parents. I hope that I can one day find someone who will love me for me, and who can promise that even if things go bad we won't end up like my parents.

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Jan 29, 2015
Your life
by: Emmily

Dear Amanda,

Thank you for sharing your story with our visitors. I am sure that other children of divorce will find strength from your words, at least because they will find out that they are not alone.

I understand that you have a strong character and that you're looking forward to your own future.

It is wise from your mother not to tell you the reason of the divorce. She'll probably do that to stay away from the blame game: whom's fault is the divorce? Both your parents will have their own version, so that is not going to work. If she tells you her version, it might make you feel to have to choose for one of your parents. And you should not. You have 2 parents and you must have the opportunity to know and to love them both.

If you be yourself, you will meet the person you want to share the rest of your life with. Why should you not?

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