Child Divorce Story of Remi B.

by Remi B.

Hi. My name is Remi and my parents divorced when I was 2.

When they divorced, they didn't really. Well, they have, or were, best friends since they were 11. Pretty long time. So, they divorced, but my dad still lived with us, but in a separate room. He lived with us all the way up to 2011 in September.

My mom and dad started getting into BAD fights and he finally decided that he wanted to move out. He got his own apartment and would come over time to time. About 3 months later, he came over and told my whole family that he had decided he was gay.

So, in March of 2012, my dad started dating a guy named Randy and my mom and dad got into another fight.

That March night, the whole family was downstairs and my mom had been drinking a lot. I got scared, and I called my dad to come over and help me get her in bed. By the time he got there, she had a knife and was cutting herself. My older brother freaked out and called the cops. It was such a horrific sight that I started throwing up.

Later that week, my mom was sent to a rehab for a week and a half. It was total craziness. When she got out, she was so much better. She has stopped drinking and has lost 70 pounds!

Then, this past October, my dad told my mom that his boyfriend, Randy, was his priority now. And that when he was with him, he doesn't have to answer our calls or our texts'.

But then he asked me what I thought about him moving to Tennessee or Louisiana. I didn't think he would take such a big leap and told him to do what makes him happy.

Now, that was a BAD idea. He decided a week ago that he is moving to Louisiana. He came over tonight (his last night here) and we got into an argument. I asked him if he even loved or cared about me and my brother. He said he did and then my mom asked him why Randy is put first before his own kids. He then got very angry. He stood up from where he was sitting, which was next to me, and moved away from where I was sitting.

It was like I was a germ and he didn't want me. I just don't know what to do or think anymore. I guess the most difficult thing for me right now is acknowledging the fact that he loves his boyfriend more than he loves his own kids.

I'm now failing more than 2 classes. And I ALWAYS have headaches. My mom and my step-dad are here for me the most though. They always stick by my side and talk to me.

Anyways, this is my story. Thank you for creating this. It was a great way to get everything off my chest.

Remi B.

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Nov 05, 2014
by: Remi B. (writer of post)

This is Remi B. I just got out of school and opened the email that was sent to me. I had completely forgotten about this page and my post. It's crazy to think that I posted this in 2012. So much has changed.

I didn't mention this when I posted my story, but in April of 2010, my youngest brother, Keegan, passed away very tragically at 22 months old. It shocked us all and I guess it was a major cause in the anger of my family at the time of my post. And today,

I'm grieving both my brothers death and now my mother's death. She was 46 and passed away on August 12, 2014.

Two of my siblings and I were the ones to find her. The sight will haunt me for the rest of my life. She couldn't stand being away from her youngest baby boy and negativity took over. She saw no light in the end of the tunnel and grief engulfed her.

I miss her dearly and always will. My family of ten children is falling apart faster than ever before. We argue day and night, avoid each whenever possible and love in our household ceased to exist. I've been struggling to see reason in living and bbreathing, but I have been speaking to a therapist about this.

My real father and I are closer than ever though. However, my step - dad and I, hate each other. He has already taken all of her posters and little pictures off of her side of the bed/wall. He has painted her whole room a different color. And even painted over an art piece that I painted on the wall for her when she was still here. She had been wanting that exact drawing since keegan's death.

He has created himself a zoosk (dating website) account already and is talking to another woman. And I just don't know what to do anymore. It feels like everything is crashing down on me all at once and that there's no fixing it.

Jan 03, 2013
by: Anonymous

I love your courage

Nov 08, 2012
You're strong
by: Emmily Napier

Dear Remi,

Thank you for sharing your compelling story. You have gone through tough times.

Although you still have headaches, to me it seems that the future promises to be more positive for you.

Your dad is living at a distance now, which might already have reduced the conflicts he has with your mother. Your mother and step dad are listening to you.

From your story I understand that you and your brother(s) are the most important persons for your mother. That is good to hear.

As you already mentioned, it helps to tell your story and to express your feelings. It is a good thing to do on a regular basis with a person you trust.

Concerning your school results, you could set a goal for yourself for the coming years. What do you want to do in your working life?

For example: you want to became an astronaut, a firefighter, a doctor, a computer games developer or an ambassador or a businessman; you want to have a family with a beautiful wife and educated children. Make a mental picture of your future.

Once you have a clear picture of that, it is easier to motivate yourself to study harder. Then you know where you are doing it for. Of course, that is a long term goal, but you can set in between goals for the steps that you need to go through.

Well, keep strong. I am sure your mother assist you in getting rid of your headaches too.

Warm regards,

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