Child divorce story of Lope

by Debby Lope
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Okay hi my name is Lope.

I wouldn't really say my parents are divorced because it's not really legal yet . They've been separated for about 16 years now...I'm 18 btw.

But it never really hit me until I got to high school. My dad sent me down to live with my mum and he stopped paying my school fees and that of my sister. We never really called or spoke through out my high school years. My mum couldn't really afford the fees so I had to sell biscuits lollipops and the likes to my classmates to help alongside my classes. It was quite hard for me.

But I'm in college now and I realized I've never really talked about the separation cos I don't want to think about it. It really bothers me when I do...but typing here makes me feel better. And I believe that there are other people out there who are going through similar stuff.

I don't expect my parents to get back together ever again cos I have 3 step siblings already. But I know I'm gonna be fine. I don't intend on getting married btw...I just can't deal.

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May 01, 2015
How do you feel today?
by: Emmily

Dear Debby,

How do you feel today, a year after you shared your story about the divorce of your parents?

I do appreciate your comment that "typing here makes me feel better". Indeed, there are many others out there that are faced with a divorce.

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