Child Custody UK

In the United Kingdom agreements on Child Custody UK are made by the parents themselves. The courts are involved in rare cases only. As a result, divorcing parents in the United Kingdom do not face the difficulties and the frustrations the divorcing parents encounter in countries where the court decides.

Child Custody means who will take care of the children after the divorce, how and who will take the important decisions for the children. Think of health care, education and religion.

The globally accepted principle for child custody arrangements is that "the child resides in accordance with the best interest of the child".

The United Nations drew up the "United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child". This convention specifies important basic rigthts for the children regarding separation of the parents and child custody Canada. Over 193 countries have ratified this Convention. Canada is one of them.

The principles most relevant to child custody uk are:

  • The child resides in accordance with the best interest of the child.
  • The child has the right to not to be separated from his parents against his own will.
  • Also if the parents live in different countries, the child has the right to stay in direct contact with both parents regularly. Countries are obliged to cooperate and to give the child free access and exit of the country for family reunification purposes.

Child Custody in the United Kindom.

The United Kingdom has a completely different approach to child custody than the USA, Canada and Australia. In those countries the child custody is a court decision, in the U.K. the parents decide.

In principle, parents agree on what will happen to the children themselves and there is no intervention from the courts at all.

In the divorce process in the U.K. the courts are involved in the offical documents of the divorce itself (the Decree Absolute) and in the arrangement of the financial matter (Ancillary Relief).

During the divorce process the divorcing couple needs to file a "Statement of Arrangements for Children". This document lists all the children and lists details of their situation: where they go to school, where they live, who takes care of them when their parents are at work. It is purely for information purposes for the court. It does not need to be signed and the parents nor the children can claim anything from its contents.

In almost all divorce cases in the U.K. the parents find a satisfactory "custody" solution together and no intervention from the courts is needed at all. This seems to be the ideal situation.

Compared to other countries where the courts are involved, this approach seems to work very well.

The costs are much lower, because there is no filing to be prepared by a solicitor or other professionals. Custody arrangements are agreed in a very short period between the parents. This works as a big relief for the children. They do not have to wait until the court decides or confirms a proposed custody arrangement. Parents tend to fight less over child custody uk matters. Children of divorce benefit from these side effects.

Only if the divorcing parents explicitly ask the court to help them out because they have issues with the child custody they cannot resolve between them, the court might decide and give orders. This legal process is not related to the divorce. Going to this court comes at a fee.

The results of going to court can be disappointing. Court decisions about child custody uk are not always what parents hoped for. The decision is taken out of your hands. The process can be frustrating, it might lasts long before the court decides and it is expensive.

As a result, only very few divorcing parents head to the courts to get their child custody uk court order.

How to get Child Custody Strategies

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