Broken Household

by Madi

I am 14 years old and nine years have passed since my parents divorced. I was only a small child going into kindergarten at the time and I was clueless in a way of the whole situation.

My sister (who is 19 now) and I both live with my mom. Since I'm pretty mature now, I've been exposed to what my mom has been having to deal with. She is a single mother with a low paying job trying to provide for two teenage girls. It's so hard to watch my mom struggle financially and put our needs before her own.

She is a selfless woman and I respect her with all my heart. My dad however, is not in my favor. He moved 7 hours away to live with his wife 3 years ago. He does not have a job and can barely pay child support. I despise him and I dread having to visit him. If he loved me, why would he move away.. and marry another woman?

My mom sends me to a private school but can barely afford the tuition.. I am so grateful for her constant hard work. Going to a Christian school is hard because I am encountered with other kids who seem to have perfect family lives and then there's me.

My dad never comes down to any of my school events, volleyball games, nothing.. I feel so alone and I feel like no one understands me and my situation.

Even though I am heart broken and feel worthless, I have a spark of hope inside of me. I know God has a plan for me and he has a plan for you too.

If you are a child that comes from a broken household I just want to let you know that it is not your fault and there are so many other people out there who can relate to you and you are NOT alone.

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Mar 02, 2015
You're a great support for other children of divorce
by: Emmily

Dear Madi,

It is very kind of you to share your story with us and especially to encourage other children of divorce that share a similar experience.

I wonder why should you feel worthless? From what I understand is that you are a great support for mother. Let her know again that you are greatfull for all the constant hard work that allows you to go to a private school and more.

Best regards, Emmily

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