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This page on Book Child Divorce presents a selection of books that can be very helpful for divorcing and divorced parents. The first boook, Unexpected Legacy of Divorce is a long term study about the effects of Divorce on Children. With the second book you can learn your children how to create their own divorce story. The other books are much more about the insights and tips from the writers.

All the writers have extended experience in the field as lawyers, mediators or therapists. They are regular speakers at events about Children and Divorce.

Here is our Book Child Divorce list:

Helping Children Through Divorce

We reviewed this engaging book for you: But What About Me?

By Wendy Mollah

Wendy Mollah is a single mother with to 2 children. She has a degree in social science and she has been working in the area of child protection and child counselling during more than 22 years.

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The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce
A 25 year Landmark study.

The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce

Judith Wallerstein, Julia Lewis, Sandra Blakeslee. September 2001.

Book Child Divorce Short Description

Beginning in the 1970-ies, Judith Wallerstein started to investigate the long term effects on children of divorce. The study lasted 25 years and the results, findings and conclusions are written down in this book. Her book changed the generally accepted beliefs about divorce.

She started talking to a group of 131 children of which their parents were in the process of divorcing. During the years, she followed these children from childhood into adulthood.

Wallerstein describes the lives of 7 children which have the most frequently found life experiences in detail. She describes their entry in adolescence, their love affairs, their marriages and the parenting of their kids.

She describes how the children are afraid their relationships will fail. How they define their own principles and codes. How they overcame betrayal and how they become successful parents. But she also descibes the failures and the ones that keep on struggling.

The adult children of divorce have a different life perspective than those being raised in normal homes where things are not going smoothly either. This helps answering the question of many parents: do we stay unhappily married or do we divorce?

Judith Wallerstein is an undisputed authority on the effects of divorce on children. She founded the Judith Wallerstein Center for the Family in Transition. She is lecturer emerita at the School of Social Welfare at the University of California at Berkeley. She co-authored with Sandra Blakeslee, the bestsellers The Good Marriage and Second Chances. With Dr. Joan Berlin Kelley she wrote Surviving the Breakup.

Sandra Blakeslee is an award-winning science correspondent for The New York Times.

Julia Lewis is professor of Psychology at the San Francisco State University and Director of the Psychology Clinic.

The Truth About Children and Divorce

The Truth about Children and Divorce

Dealing with the Emotions so You and Your Children Can Thrive.
Robert Emery, August 2004.

Book Child Divorce Short Description

Robert Emery has 25 years of experience as a researcher, mediator, therapist and writer on the subject of Children and Divorce. With his work (Book Child Divorce), he offers parents a new approach to divorce.

In this book child divorce he explains how our powerful emotions are, how we handle them and how it impacts a divorce. The approach of the parents determines whether the children thrive or suffer after the divorce in the long run. Although his views are positive and realistic, a divorce remains to be a painful experience. Parents can help their children to avoid the negative psychological consequences.

Dr. Emery explains in his book convincingly why:

  • it is so hard to really make divorce work
  • fighting and anger can keep parents from separating
  • legal matters should come at the end of the row
  • authority and unconditional love from the parents can be the best therapy for kids

Each year, divorces affect more than a million children in the U.S. only. In this book child divorce, the researcher Robert Emery gives a compelling guidance for divorcing and divorced parents. Furthermore, with his long experience as a therapist and being a divorced parent himselve, he gives guidance to parents and children to emerge independent and strong from a divorce. He shows the way to a fulfilling life.

How do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce?

How do I tell the kids about the divorce?

Rosalind Sedacca, 2009.

Book Child Divorce Short Description

The book uses a unique concept. It lets children create their own story book about their lives and the divorce.

Using the story book templates in the book child divorce, your children will create and write down their own stories about the divorce. They will find reassurance in their own stories about what happened and what will happen to their lives. What promises you made and how you and your ex live up to these promises. Your children will also write down their feelings and emotions.

This practical guide learns you:

  • How to avoid making mistakes with your children before you make them
  • When to tell them
  • Do you tell it alone or with your partner
  • What do you tell the children


  • to create your story, by age group

The benefits for you and your children after reading this book child divorce are plenty:

  • You will know how to create a child-centered divorce for the benefit of your children
  • You will be able to help your children to create a story book about them. The story book will reassure them each time they read it
  • You will have an increased confidence in what you are going say
  • You will master the six essential steps to make your children understand and accept the divorce
  • you will know how to be a role model for your children: being respectful and handling disagreements with dignity
  • You will be confident to lead your family to the best future

The book delivers what it promises. By using the steps in the book, you will create the right story to tell and you will know how to deliver the right message in the right way.

Rosalind Sedecca is a counselor and coach for divorcing and divorced parents on parenting. She wrote several books on parenting and she contributes lots of articles to relevant magazins.


eBook Parenting with the Ex Factor

How to Successfully Co-Parent after the Divorce.
Jill Darcy, 2010

Book Child Divorce Short Description

This best selling book clearly explains how your children and you can thrive after a divorce.

Jill Darcy clearly explains how our own perceptions and attitudes are the keys to success or failure of our lives and the lives of our children after a divorce. She uses clear examples in her book child divorce from her many years experience as a therapist and mediator.

“Broken” implies it needs to be fixed. By redefining “the Broken Family” to “the Complex Family” she takes the negative association away.

The book is very structured. It gives the reader many insights, tips, do’s and don’nt’s. She argues why it is important to accept that live has changed after the divorce. Denial of this change will prevent a divorced parent from rebuilding his or her life and the lives of the children. Accept the divorce and the changes that come with it. If parents do not accept the changes, their children will not accept the changes and the divorce either.

Stop nagging, stop fighting, stop blaming your ex partner and break the relatinships with friends and family that do not support you positively but keep on blaming your ex partner and yourself.

Mrs. Darcey pleads for divorcing parents to collaborate and to find solutions together. Stay away from the lawyers as much as possible. When divorcing with children, you will need to create a new relationship with your ex partner. A relationship that is based on the sole common subject: your children.

She sheds a new light on money matters related to the divorce and after the divorce.

Jill Darcey is a reknown professional therapist and mediator on the subject of children and divorce. Being a divorced mother herself, she started the Complex Family Foundation.

The Soul Centered Divorce

7 Steps to Making Difficult Divorce Decisions with Confidence and Clarity.
Helène Taylor, 2011.

Book Child Divorce Short Description

The Soul Centered Divorce is a short but powerful book. The first part is about getting the right mindset, like in the book "How to Successfully Co-Parent after the Divorce" of Jill Darcey. This is a very practical book. It describes the divorce process you have to go through in 7 comprehensive steps. Just follow them and you will not forget anything.

A big bonus are the appendixes. There you can find very extended checklists and questionaires on almost every subject related to the divorce: from how to select your attorney or mediator, how to divide your assets up to the parenting plan.

Insider Secrets and Strategies That Men Must Know to Win Their Divorce

Jim Williams - Insider Secrets and Strategies That Men Must Know to Win Their Divorce

By Jim Williams

Book Child Divorce Short Description

This book has been written for men. If you want to lose your children after the divorce , this Book Child Divorce eBook puts you on the right track. Although we at promote the collaborative divorce and have a strong preference for mediation instead of going to the courts, we do recognise the fact that not everybody is willing to do so. In the case the woman decides to go the ugly way, men can prepare themselves by reading this book.

The book answers these questions and many more:

  • How to avoid paying too much alimony and child support?
  • Why you must never let your divorce attorney run your divorce case?
  • How to separate from your wife, without separating your house, your children and your assets?
  • How to prevent your wife from hiring the best divorce lawyer?
  • What are the tax implications of a divorce settlement?
  • How you can get the best divorce settlement and faster than you imagine?

Jim Williams has been a divorce attorney for women.

This article on Book Child Divorce recommends divorcing and divorced parents to read one or more of the above presented books. The books presented in Book Child Divorce discuss the most important topics. They guide you through the process, clarifies emotions and feelings and prepares your mind to take action into the right direction: forward.

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