Oh, so this is life.

by Hannah

Hi, my names Hannah.

When I was just 7 years old my parents decided to divorce.

It wasnt really a surprise they had been fighting for a year or so by then. But I was still young and thought nothing was wrong. It wasn't an easy divorce not that many are but this one, if was rough on both my sister and I.

There was times in the divorce when we got spilt up for a night. She got stuck with my drunk father and I was with my mom. The years went on my mom stayed in the school district we grew up in and my father moved out of distrct.

My sister and I were seeing my dad some days out of the week and every other weekend.

As I said though he was a drunk, he started letting the drinking take over spending time with us. For a while my sister and I didn't let it bother us.

My sister turned 16 and she was done with him. She stopped talking to him and shut him out of her life.

Now im 14 years old and I started feeling the same way as she and I am slowly removing him from my life. Its one of the hardest things I've done but I can only give someone so many changes before they have hurt you to bad.

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Feb 22, 2017
A brave decision to keep a distance
by: Emmily

Dear Hannah,

Thank you for being so brave and to take your time to write down your story.

I think it is good to take a decision that makes you feel more comfortable so you can focus on the positive things on your life.

Maybe, some day in the future, the situation might change and you will be able to get in touch with your dad again.

Be strong. All the best,


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