Divorce Madness

by Riley
(Harrisonburg, Virginia )

When I was four, my parents got divorced. But obviously, it wasn't simple. At all. Long before I was born, when my oldest brother was born, my parents were already fighting.

My mother took my brother and went to my grandfather's to try and hide him.

My father took the case to court. Mom got obliterated. They still argued all the time, and after the second son, she tried to take both children.

They went to court a second time, mom was once again destroyed. I came along a few years later, and after 16 years of arguing, dad was done. He got a divorce, and because of previous court visits, and thousands of dollars spent to insure it, dad had primary custody.

My father has always wanted to move across the country, since before I was born. But because of mom's shenanigans, he couldn't. But now, mom is remarried and I have nothing I want here.

My mother is an awful parent, not letting us make our own decisions, never keeping promises or doing anything we want. I avoid going there, and luckily, she can't do anything about it.

When dad got the divorce and primary custody, mom was told to pay social services to cover our costs. She hasn't, for eight years. Me and my dad are going to move far away, and if she takes it to court, she'll risk jail time and have to pay $50,000. So, because of my dad's genius, we can move and no one can stop us.

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Jul 16, 2016
Your good dad
by: Emmily

Hi Riley,

I it good to read you're moving to a new places. There must be tons of new opportunities and challenges ahead for you guys.

Make the best out of it. Team up with people that help you achieve your dreams and have fun.

Warm regards, Emmily

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